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 Important: To place a Custom Jewelry Box Order, print this page, fill out the form as completely as possible and send to: Deborah Bara, BaraCraft, 713 CR 2900, Aztec, NM 87410 (505) 334-7101. Or, email me directly with any special request and I will reply with an estimate. I will contact you directly regarding pricing for custom orders. I accept Visa/Mastercard through PayPal. After receiving payment, I will contact you directly regarding expected shipment date (custom orders generally take 2 weeks to complete once they're started).

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Custom Jewelry Box
(Please provide the type of wood desired and inside box size/dimensions requested)
Type of Wood: __Black Walnut __Spanish Cedar __Cherry __Mahogany
What is the inside box size/dimensions requested?: __"wide x __"long x __"high

Personalization: (Please check whether Initials and/or a Design requested)


Shiprock Monument

 Hummingbird & Rose
 Hummingbird & Tulip
 Horse (head only)
 Horse (full-running)
 Teddy Bear
Teddy Bears (large & small)

To be filled out by BaraCraft   This form will be returned for Approval and Payment: 
*Each box is carefully handmade*   Product Total:  $                     
   Custom Design:  $                     
I will contact you directly

For NM, add 6.0625% Tax:  $                     

with expected shipment date

Shipping/Handling Charge: $5.00 per box:  $                     

upon receiving payment.

 Total Enclosed:  $                     

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