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Custom Orders
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Custom and/or personalized orders are currently available for most of the boxes I make as well as new custom-designed boxes. I only accept orders for 1-10 boxes at a time. They generally take 1-2 weeks for completion from start date.

Allow 1-2 months for custom designed items. However, personalization of a box in stock (with a name or initials) only requires a few days time for engraving & refinishing.

Each box is carefully handmade, hand signed, dated & numbered by Deborah Bara and comes with a certificate which describes the type and number of the box (I do not mass produce my boxes - I will only make/issue a certain number of any wood type/design box that I make).

I use Spanish Cedar, Black Walnut, Cherry and Mahogany for most box construction. I get my wood in random widths from 3-8" so I am limited in terms of box size for these woods (large boxes - 5-6" wide and more may need to be pieced).

If you have any questions or special requirements, please contact me directly via email
 or telephone: (505) 334-7101